create • bake • flourish

Yeah, we baked that!

Begin from scratch with an idea. Mix the ingredients to get the balance just right. Bring the flavors to life. Let your creation flourish.

Douglas McCarver, Founder

I approach everything like an art project. To me, all aspects of the design are equally important. When we started baking our own pastries twenty years ago, it was simply out of necessity. All of the good bakeries had either closed or stopped delivering, so we set out to do it ourselves. Our passion and dedication have resulted in baking the coffeehouse staples that our community has come to expect and love. Scones and muffins, tea breads and dessert bars, cookies and biscotti.

Setting out on this next chapter, It is my goal as a local business to add to the already wonderful mix of bakeries and coffee shops that are abundant throughout CU. The bakehouse team is collaborating more than ever, and no idea is off the table.

As we look to add pastries and products to our line of baked goods and savory salads and mixes, please stay tuned and see what wonderful new signature creations we will come up with next.